From Laravel to Phoenix

I wan to go with Phoenix but I might not able to it the formal way (Reading or watching 40 hours course). Is there any resource that can help me translate my backend development skill to Phoenix?

I used to learn elixir and phoenix back then but suddenly too many projects give me no time to continue learning it. Now, I forgot everything about what I’ve learnt about Phoenix!


Hi, I’d suggest you choose a small new easy project, take a deep breath and jump in high waters. :smile: You’ll find plenty of help in the forum (there are many authors of many good books around here) and in the awesome phoenix documentation. I know no better way than that to gain the perfect learning motivation. You could also be surprised how much fun it is.


First learn enough Elixir and then read Mastering Phoenix by @shankardevy.


If you have a lot of backend dev skills from Laravel, the “only” missing piece might be Elixir. There’s a bunch of core principles that you need to grasp – there are not that many of them and they are not super-complex, they just require some getting used to and rewiring your brain to a different way of thinking about some stuff.

My personal favorite that I can strongly recommend is Pragmatic Studio’s Elixir course – they make the scary stuff sound simple. It’s 30 videos, 10-20 minutes each and I swear it’s the best online course I’ve ever taken in my life.

Equipped with that intro to Elixir + your experience in Laravel, Phoenix should be a pretty smooth ride for you. And there’s always this super helpful and knowledgable (except me) community.


I have same experience, I wrote a project 3 years ago, and dropped because of busy with other things.
But the good thing is Elixir I mean functional code are very easy to pickup again, even without any comments.
I highly recommend you read Elixir in Action by @sasajuric , after that I can write fairly idiomatic code and quite easy to understand other people’s code.

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