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Validere automates oil testing in the field equipping operators to make critical business decisions. By combining science, technology, and industry-leading expertise, we help producers and midstream businesses reduce custody transfer disputes, ensure they receive fair value for their product and optimize their blending operations with real-time crude quality information.

Testing results determine the price of oil; and underpin all commercial transactions. Validere replaces the need for 3rd party labs by empowering the field workers to conduct tests. Harvard born, and Y Combinator backed, Validere counts some of the largest Canadian midstream companies as its customers and is currently expanding its business in the Canadian and U.S. energy market.

About us

My name: Cory Taylor
My position: Software Lead
Company name: Validere Technologies
Company info and history (how you’re using Elixir etc): Our platform is a React frontend and Elixir/Postgres backend hosted on Azure.

About the job

Job title: Frontend/Backend Software Developer
Job description:
Salary range: Market rate + Options
Position on remote work: On-site (Toronto, Canada)
Qualifications or experience required:
What the successful job applicant will be working on: As a backend developer you will be working on the entire platform from apis, db models/migrations, ingestion of field device data, to GenServer processes handling alerting and other features.
As a frontend developer, you will be working on the react web application, working with the team to design wireframes, mockups & prototypes.

About the interview process

Phone interview, a short coding test followed by an in-person interview to review code.

Further info

Please apply through one of the following: