Frontend Web Developer Hiring - NY or Remote | Full-time

About Mindful
Are you passionate about mental health & wellness and wish to make a difference in people’s lives? Do you wish to make a positive impact on the current mental health crisis in this country? Mindful Care is a revolutionary same-day mental health urgent care providing medication management, and therapeutic services to the commercially insured individual. We are passionate about bridging the gap in access to mental healthcare in a way that promotes overall health and wellbeing for those who want help now. By weaving together our core values of professionalism, evidence-based methodologies, teamwork, adaptability, meritocracy, and putting the patient first, we can work together to ensure we are providing quality care to the populations we serve.

My name: Rebecca Yan
My position: Engineering Manager
Company name: Mindful Care
Country: NY, US
Company info and history (how you’re using Elixir etc): Elixir is our basic developing language for the products we are building. We choose Elixir as we believe this is the right language for our development and tech stack.

Job Description
To further advance our mission of making mental health care more affordable and accessible, we are looking to find a talented frontend web developer excited to build a web application as part of a collaborative team of engineers, product managers, and designers focused on improving the Mindful Care provider and patient experience.

What You Will Achieve

  • Partner with passionate mental health professionals to facilitate the creation of software with a focus on the frontend that makes providers more productive and improves the patient experience.
  • Build new features for Mindful Care’s customer-facing applications.
  • Gain professional experience programming in a functional language like Elixir and using industry leading infrastructure technology like Docker.
  • Experience personal growth through a management relationship which prioritizes support, empathy, and clearly communicated expectations.
  • Deliver impactful solutions at scale.
  • Collaborate with a team to help company-wide frontend development needs.
  • Work across Mindful Care’s codebase designing, implementing, and unit testing the frontend application code
  • Work collaboratively with other developers to provide code reviews, encourage best practices, and provide feedback
  • Translate designs into crisp code and build thoughtful experiences centered around our patients and providers

Technical Challenges

  • Building a seamless cross platform experience focused on high daily active usage
  • Using Elixir/Phoenix to build a scalable platform for millions of providers and patients
  • Developing EHR integrations to access patient data
  • Security requirements to meet HIPAA and other stringent enterprise security requirements

About You

  • You have 2+ years of professional experience as a frontend software developer
  • You value code quality and well tested code
  • You are excited to work with Elixir, Phoenix, and LiveView, and be an early hire on the engineering team!
  • You are fluent in HTML, CSS, Javascript, and other related web technologies
  • You are comfortable with Linux or macOS and PostgreSQL
  • You are comfortable working remotely
  • You have a willingness to learn
  • You have a strong work ethic and sense of responsibility
  • You have production experience with Elixir and Phoenix, including a good grasp on OTP
  • You have strong communication skills and can collaborate effectively throughout the day and during weekly sprint reviews
  • You own the responsibility of ensuring your work is delivered with great quality, that users love the experiences you build for them, and that you go the extra mile on projects that help Mindful Care set a new industry standard
  • You are excited to learn new strategies, workflows, and technologies, can adapt to changing situations, handle unseen challenges and excel in areas you didn’t know you’d need to


  • Phoenix LiveView experience or understanding of core concepts
  • Familiarity with AWS services, such as EC2, S3, SQS, RDS
  • Familiarity with DevOps tools and continuous integration
  • Experience working in a remote team using agile methodologies such as scrum
  • Experience with healthcare security and compliance (HIPAA)
  • Work experience at early-stage companies
  • Academic background in computer science (BA/BS or MS/PhD) or equivalent experience

100% remote position.
Salary range: 60k - 85k annual

About the interview process

  • Our talent recruiter will have first-round screening interview with you.
  • The engineering manager will have the formal interview as second-round.
  • CTO will have a tech interview as the final round.

Further info

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