Full circle

So, this is actually just a comment about some interesting things about naming…

Around 2017 I was still working in php (mostly laravel) but had already started playing around with elixir.

The thing is at that time laravel asset processing tool was called elixir, and it made Google, having all that info of me searching both laravel and elixir stuff, show me all sort of mixed up results.

I remember reading that for the next version of laravel they were gonna change the tool name to something else, I was excited, I would no longer be subject to mixed up results! That was until I kept reading and found out that the new name for the tool was … Mix.

So I when I read about GitHub - lumen/lumen: An alternative BEAM implementation, designed for WebAssembly I couldn’t stop grinning and realizing that things had kinda gone full circle (https://lumen.laravel.com/)