Full Stack Developer - Baumann Paper, Lexington, Kentucky USA

Baumann Paper is looking for a full stack developer to help us transition our Ruby on Rails system to Elixir/Phoenix.

My name is Marli and I run our distribution company. I wrote our system in Ruby on Rails starting back in 2010 and I am looking for someone to partner with me to help me migrate and upgrade our system to Elixir. I’m just starting to learn Elixir myself and am looking for someone to help me down this path.

Ideally I’d like to find someone who has managed other devs and has experience launching Elixir projects in production. I could see where we’d need to hire additional developers to work on all these tasks.

Goals: to modularize and future-proof our systems.

This job will include remote work, but I really need someone that is able to come on site from time to time which is why I’m trying to limit the scope to Kentucky.

About us

My name: Marli Baumann
My position: CEO
Company name: Baumann Paper Co
Company website: https://www.baumannpaper.com/
Company headquarters (country): Lexington, KY, USA
Company info and history: We don’t currently use Elixir, but want to move our codebase to this language to assist in future-proofing our systems.

Baumann is a wholesale distributor of cleaning supplies, office supplies, and other disposable items. We have a fleet that delivers all across Kentucky to businesses that need our items. My grandfather started the company 74 years ago and I’m helping to take us to the next level by integrating new tech on a daily basis.

About the job

Job title: Full Stack Engineer – this is negotiable, what do you want your job title to be?
Job description: Develop new integrations and migrate our code. Review with me a plan on how to proceed with the upgrade and potentially manage other devs based on the speed we can complete tasks.
Salary range: negotiable based on location and market competitive
Qualifications or experience required: must have completed Elixir projects in the past and ideally has developed in Ruby on Rails as well.
What the successful job applicant will be working on: everything

Position on remote work

Remote job: partially
Remote restrictions: Candidates must be in Kentucky, USA
Remote leeway: no
Any other notes about your position on remote work: remote work may be limited at first as we’ll have a lot of things to discuss in person

About the interview process

  1. Review of github projects
  2. virtual interview
  3. on-site interview
  4. small code challenge depending on your experience

Further info

send resume and an intro about yourself to jobs@baumannpaper.com


FWIW Bauman is a great company, I previously worked with Marli on a RoR project. Glad to see the switch to Phoenix!


I would love to help, but unfortunately I don’t know the first thing about migrating over from Rails. I do know, however, that there is a great Elixir book from Prag Prog on this very topic: From Ruby to Elixir: Unleash the Full Potential of Functional Programming by Stephen Bussey

Thanks! I will check that out

Hi Marli,

I hope you’re well. Are you open to considering new developers for the Full Stack Developer position at Baumann Paper? I have experience with both Ruby on Rails and Elixir and am eager to contribute to your team.

We’re looking at all applications that come through to see who might be the right fit.