Full Stack Developer (Elixir/Elm) - Stage 3 Systems (On-site, London, UK or Vancouver, Canada)

Full Stack Developer (Elixir/Elm)

Stage 3 Systems is looking for a full-time, full-stack permanent software developer with experience working on modern web software and an interest in functional programming. Our products are used by some of the largest companies in the marine shipping industry; your work will make a significant difference in how thousands of people do their job every day.

Vancouver Job Posting
London Job Posting

Technologies we use

We currently have a suite of products written in several different technologies, and are transitioning towards a unified Elm/Elixir stack.

You do not need to have experience with all of these technologies, but candidates who most closely match our stack will be preferred, in order of importance:

  • Unix
  • Elixir with Phoenix
  • Elm
  • JavaScript with React/Redux and AngularJS
  • PostgreSQL
  • Amazon AWS
  • Git
  • Ansible/Python
  • Bootstrap, Material Design, HTML, CSS
  • node.js with Express and Meteor
  • Ruby with Rails
  • PHP with Yii and Zend Framework

About us

  • We are a company founded in 2010 that builds innovative hosted systems for the marine shipping industry seeking talented software developers to join our team; we have a team of between 15 and 20 located around the globe: from our offices in Vancouver and London, to remote staff around the world, in Canada, the UK, Italy and New Zealand

  • We consider it our job to build the best work environment to make our team successful and engaged in their work; we try our hardest to build a compelling environment which provides endless opportunities to learn, an engaging and exciting culture and team of smart team members to learn from

  • We offer competitive salaries and benefits from group benefits to flexible personal time off policies. We give you the freedom to buy whatever tools and services you need to do your job well, whether it’s a MacBook, stand-up desk, book on functional programming or Sublime Text license

  • We have flexible work hours and encourage the team to work from home when needed; our focus is solely on getting the job done and not where and when the team is working

  • We encourage a blameless culture: when mistakes are made, we focus on fixing organizational problems that caused the problem so that we can prevent them from happening again

  • We work asynchronously to ensure we work effectively as a distributed team: on any given day we may have our team in the office, working remotely, working from home or travelling for work. We work really hard to ensure everybody can provide their input no matter where they are

  • We believe in working hard when there is important work to be done, and balancing hard work with a strong quality of life


Thanks for lettting us know

Hi @ikbhal, the position is still open right now, I’ll post here when it’s been filled.

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Look @bmitch an Elixir job near you :wink:

Sadly nothing around Scotland :frowning:

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