Full Stack Developer (Elixir & Liveview) - Sona, Remote (GMT +/- 3)

Introductory paragraph

We’re building the next generation of tools for the 80% of workers that don’t sit behind a desk, think everything from care workers to charities to hospitality and retail. Our stack is Elixir & Liveview first with the opportunity to get involved with the React Native side for our mobile app. We’re a remote first organisation with a 4.5 day working week who values autonomy and high quality code.

About us

My name: Patrick
My position: Talent Lead
Company name: Sona
Website: www.getsona.com/
Country: UK (Remote)
Company info and history:

We’re a rapidly growing, VC-backed B2B SaaS startup founded in the summer of 2021. We are a fully remote company and work a 4.5 day week, with freedom to pick your half day off.

We fundamentally believe that the best products are built when small, cross functional, autonomous teams are empowered to solve business problems as they see fit. You’ll be joining a pod which owns a particular area of the product and movement between product areas is encouraged and easy. Engineers are heavily involved throughout the product development process, inputting into the why and what as well as the how.

Our stack has two main components:

  • A backend with a GraphQL API (for communicating with the Native App) and a web frontend built using Elixir and Phoenix Live View (the PETAL stack)
  • A native mobile application built in React Native + Typescript

We’re passionate advocates of the Live View approach for building web applications and believe that it’s one of the biggest step changes in productivity and developer experience since Ruby on Rails.

Our engineering principles give a flavour of how we like to work.

About the job

Job title: Full Stack Engineer
Job description: Full Stack Engineer (Elixir & Liveview or React Native) - Sona
Salary range: £60,000 - 90,000 (or local equivalent), depending on experience
Position on remote work: Fully remote (GMT +/- 3)
Qualifications or experience required: If you have professional experience in Elixir (or another language but love Elixir), let’s talk :slight_smile:
What the successful job applicant will be working on: New features/modules for our product (see info above and JD link for more detail)

About the interview process

  • Informal, introductory call with me :slight_smile: (15-30 mins)
  • First interview with a member of our Engineering team (30 mins)
  • Technical Interview (1 hour) take us through a piece of code you’re proud of and talk about how it’s architected, what worked well and what you’d do differently if you wrote it again. If you don’t have a suitable piece of code, we’re also happy to pay you for half a days work to do a take home task. But we understand that everyone’s busy so we’d much rather use some code you’ve already got where possible!
  • CTO (Co-Founder) Interview (30 mins)

Further info


  • Competitive salary: £60-90k d.o.e. (or local currency equivalent)
  • 4.5 day standard working week
  • 37 days annual leave (25 days standard plus 12 flexible public holiday days)
  • Share options
  • Fully remote and flexible working
  • Co-working space stipend
  • Free mental health support (On-demand online therapy & coaching)
  • Quarterly all expenses paid team retreats
  • The latest Macbook and equipment for your home office
  • Professional development budget
  • Unlimited free books

Apply here: Full Stack Engineer (Elixir & Liveview or React Native) - Sona
Or contact me directly: patrick@getsona.com


Thanks so much to everyone who has applied!

Please note, hiring is now closed for this opportunity. I’ll bump/repost when we open back up.


Congratulations on being upfront on it. This saves the recruiter and the developers from wasting time in a recruitment process that is not a match for the developer.

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The link goes to a page that doesn’t contain the job description.
Never mind, I missed the post saying that the position was closed.

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