Full-stack Developer @ Tymber/Endlessloop (Remote |> Full-time |> Challenging |> Fun)

Introductory paragraph

We are looking for a versatile developer that can work on both backend and frontend and has mid to senior level of experience developing software.

Our current tech stack for this particular project is Elixir/Phoenix on the backend and React on the frontend. The backend exposes REST APIs that all our React-based clients consume. You should be proficient in at least one of these technologies and have the eagerness to start learning the others, as soon as you read the previous paragraph.

About us

My name: Cristiano Lopes

My position: Lead Software Engineer

Company name: Tymber / Endlessloop

Website: Tymber

Country: USA / Portugal

Company info and history: Tymber is the digital power-up of cannabis businesses, providing websites, automated marketing, SEO and e-commerce solutions for them. It’s one of the most exciting business areas to be working right now.

About the job

Job title: Senior Software Developer

Job description: E-commerce related feature development, integrating with official POS systems for Cannabis dispensaries in the USA.

Salary range: To be discussed / Dependent on candidate’s profile

Position on remote work: 100% Remote.

Qualifications or experience required: Proficiency in Elixir and Phoenix and mid to senior experience developing web applications (backend essential, frontend a +).

What a successful job applicant will be working on: You will be working on developing a no iframe E-commerce solution for USA cannabis dispensaries, from shopping to delivery. You will be integrating with POS systems and delivery services and serving JSON-APIs to our React web client.

About the interview process

The interview process will be composed by an introductory interview – non-technical, more on the get to know each other side of things – made via video call, followed by a paid project. The paid project details are agreed on the initial video call.

Further info

More details on the offer here.

Please apply via email with your resume in attachment and we will get back to you.