Full Stack Elixir and Javascript Engineer. 10 years development experience

Hi everyone!

I’m Krystof, Software Engineer from Münster, Germany. I’m looking for freelance work and would like to work remotely or travel at most within western Germany.

Work Experience

I have ten years of work experience, developed software at large corporations and most recently at a startup. I’m used to work in agile teams and did Scrum at most work places. In the past I did some mentoring at local startups. Now I’m pushing my career towards speaking at larger conferences and doing freelance work. I write tech articles for (german) print magazines as well.


I started with Java and did Java client server development for several years. About 3 years ago, i shifted my skillset to web development. I did plenty of professional web projects with Elixir, Phoenix, React and Typescript. The last two projects I did were mobile Apps (with React Native) where I did the mobile development part as well as developing the backend with Phoenix and GraphQL.

Area of expertise

My current area of expertise is full stack web development as well as hybrid native mobile development for iOS and Android. I’m also working closely with a UI/UX engineer if this area of expertise is necessary.


I did some open source work, like the https://github.com/krystofbe/bamboo_ses_adapter. You can have a look at my github site: https://github.com/krystofbe. I have a website (https://krystof.eu), but that’s in german unfortunately. You can request my complete portfolio by private message or send me a mail to hallo@krystof.eu