Full Stack Elixir Developer - Asheville, NC - USA

Introductory paragraph

LoLo – Locals Supporting Locals is searching for an Elixir developer to take a lead role in the development of our relationship marketing platform. The right fit for our team will thrive in a fast-paced dynamic environment centered around the mission of supporting local.

Ideal candidates will have been in the tech industry for 5-10 years and worked on a variety of teams. Candidates that have worked in early-stage SaaS startups will be strongly considered. They should be able to take direction well and then self-manage from there. The ideal candidate will be able to balance the needs of the business from a financial standpoint with the UX and platform stability. Strong situational awareness, the ability to assess, hypothesize, diagnose, and solve complex UX and programmatic solutions are essential in this position.

If you feel like you will thrive in this position and meet the following requirements, we are interested in having a conversation with you.

About us

My name: Clark Harris
My position: Co-Founder
Company name: LoLo - Locals Supporting Locals
Website: www.lolo.gifts
Country: USA
Company info and history:

LoLo’s relationship marketing platform helps sales professionals connect with their clients, contacts and local businesses in a meaningful and impactful way. LoLo’s Local Gift of the Month enables agents and brokerages to stay top of mind with their contacts while providing something of value. It’s a great way to gather referrals and repeat business while connecting to the local businesses in the community.

Our motto, “Locals Supporting Locals,” embodies our mission to build thriving local communities that are more connected and therefore more sustainable. People crave that personal connection with the businesses they support. We believe that small businesses are the cornerstone of communities, and sadly, face the most pressure and competition from chains and online spending.

Headquartered in Asheville, NC since 20013, we believe in a work hard – play hard mentality. There is a vibrant local culture here and the close proximity to the mountains provides a wide variety of outdoor options. We are looking for someone who wants to join our mission of Keeping the Local Vibe Alive.

*Asheville’s Venture 15 Fastest-Growing Startups (2019 and 2020)

About the job

Job title: Full Stack Elixir Developer
Job description:
Salary range: $115,000 - $135,000
Position on remote work: Open to working remotely but still need to relocate to Asheville
Qualifications or experience required:


  • Eager to be part of a cohesive, productive, playful team of allstars
  • Minimum 3+ years of Elixir coding experience in a professional setting
  • Minimum 3+ years of Ruby coding experience in a professional setting
  • Experience with Heroku Database
  • Experience integrating frameworks
  • Strong root cause analysis, diagnostic, debugging, and troubleshooting skills
  • Experience writing APIs
  • Ability to write performant and correct multi-threaded code
  • Talent for architecting UI features; ability to build clean UX functions
  • Driven by ownership in the product and pride in the quality
    Experience working at a fast-paced startup
  • Desire to grow your skillset and expand your role as the company grows

What the successful job applicant will be working on:

As a full stack developer for a marketing-tech startup, you must be comfortable with the ever-evolving needs of the company.

  • Maintain current platform code base
  • Add new features as needed
  • Add CRM integrations as new clients are sold
  • Debug issues with platform stability
  • Maintain database and upgrade as needed to scale
  • Clearly and regularly communicate with coworkers, product stakeholders and management
  • Well tested and bug free code
  • Responsible for building tests
  • Writing documentation
  • Collaborate with leadership on the product roadmap
  • Self-manage working time, balance urgency/work velocity with clean, well-crafted code

About the interview process

Initial phone screening followed by a zoom call with current developer and our advisor. If all goes well we will send you a coding challenge for you to complete in Elixir and then a final call with Operations Manager.

Further info

Please contact me at clark@lolo.gifts


This position has been filled.

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Kudos for following up here. I feel like it’s not too common for recruiters to go back everywhere a job was posted and specify that it was filled. :+1:

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Cheers. I’m not a recruiter. This is my company. Hopefully we can use the forum again when another position opens up.

Have a great week.