Full Stack Engineer @ Legends of Learning - USA Eastern Time Zone +/- 3 hours, Remote

Legends of Learning is looking for one or more mid- to senior-level full stack engineers in the Western Hemisphere (US Eastern +/- 3 hours) to join our lean and high-performing team.

We are a well-funded, fast-growing startup for game-based learning. Our platform is a marketplace with 2000+ educational games / 500+ game studios / 5M students / 50K schools. We are also the creators of Awakening, a 3D multiplayer adventure learning game for iOS/Android/Web. We have headquarters in Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, MD. Our engineering and game studio teams are fully remote.

About us

My name: Dave Gardner
My position: CTO
Company name: Legends of Learning
Website: https://legendsoflearning.com
Country: USA
Company info:
We are 5 years old and have been using Elixir as our main application server language since 2018. We use Absinthe and Ecto extensively and just recently deployed Broadway. Our tech stack includes: Elixir / Phoenix, C# / .NET, React, Typescript, GraphQL, Postgres, Redis, Unity, Kubernetes, Docker, TimescaleDB, DataDog, Github, Buildkite and AWS.

About the job

Job title: Full Stack Application Engineer
Job description:
The Full Stack Application Engineer will build and maintain technical solutions in support of game based learning for our students, teachers and administrators. Working with product managers and designers, this person will directly influence the user experience of desktop and mobile interfaces for our teaching and learning platforms. As a member of the platform engineering team, this person will participate in a lean agile development process including daily standups, software design, occasional pair programming, effective testing and code review, CI/CD, feature flagging, and application performance monitoring. While most of this person’s work will involve coding in Elixir, React, Typescript, GraphQL and Postgres, there will be ample opportunities to collaborate with game engineering (C#, Unity, Rust) and data engineering (Kafka, Python, Redshift).

Salary range: Highly competitive based on experience
Position on remote work: Fully remote
Qualifications or experience required: You can contribute in multiple areas of the tech stack, have demonstrated professional experience working with Elixir and React, and have a firm understanding of Erlang/OTP concepts;
You have several years experience working on web apps in production environments.

About the interview process

  1. Initial Zoom screen
  2. Pairing with 2 of our engineers on 2 topics:
    A. A coding example in our codebase, driven by us, with discussion of a real life problem and solution.
    B. An example of YOUR code driven by you, with Q&A discussion & pair coding based on your example.
  3. Zoom meeting with hiring manager (CTO) and one other manager
  4. Possible final meeting with CEO

Further info
Join us to help build the future of game based learning! Email tech-jobs@legendsoflearning.com to get in touch.