Full Stack Engineer - WhiteHat (On-site, London, UK)

Introductory paragraph

We’re looking for a mid/senior engineer to help create the first version of our platform - an Elixir/Phoenix project to showcase the hidden talents and potential of young people.

We love code reviews, pair programming, knowledge-sharing, and good, clean, tested code. And we love Elixir! We regularly attend Elixir meetups and budget is available for conferences (including Elixir London and Elixir EU).

This role will be based in London at our office in Marylebone. Unfortunately we cannot accept remote applications at this time.

About us

My name: James
My position: Senior Software Engineer
Company name: WhiteHat
Website: https://whitehat.org.uk
Company info and history: WhiteHat was founded to address the lack of high-quality, career-focused apprenticeships on offer for ambitious young people and provide employers with the means to attract the best non-graduate talent. We’re a year and a half old, with 31 employees, and a small, but fast growing tech team.

About the job

Job title: Mid/Senior Software Engineer
Job description: Full stack engineer to work on Elixir/Phoenix project
Salary range: £40-65K
Position on remote work: Onsite only.
Qualifications or experience required:

  • Elixir/Phoenix (not essential if you have experience with other functional languages)
  • PostgreSQL (or similar)
  • JavaScript/HTML/CSS
  • A passion for helping young people!

The following are a plus:

  • Interest in UX/UI
  • Interest/experience in Machine Learning
  • Open source contributions

What the successful job applicant will be working on:

  • Backend Elixir code
  • Phoenix 1.3 project
  • New features from wireframe to release
  • Code reviews
  • Pairing
  • Writing tests
  • Help us scale up from thousands to tens of thousands of users

About the interview process

  1. Telephone screen
  2. Onsite pairing test (using your own laptop and in a language of your choice)
  3. Interviews with the team and co-founders

Further info

Apply here: https://whitehat-2.workable.com/jobs/458249


Just to clarify because we’ve had quite a few remote applicants, this is an on-site role in London and unfortunately we can’t hire remote developers at present.

Seems like a nice project to get involved with - good luck :023:

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We’ve hired 2 devs so far but are looking for more. So even though the above posting is ~6months old, we are very much still accepting applicants!

If you fancy a new Elixir job in 2018, get in touch. :slight_smile:


Thank you for all the applications on this - we’ve now hired another two fantastic Elixir devs so this position is no longer open.

Best of luck to everyone searching for Elixir opportunities. :slight_smile: