Full-stack Phoenix LiveView / PETAL - Remote - Up to $180k salaries

Introductory paragraph

Come work on with Phoenix, LiveView, and TailWind at a small, fun, improvement-oriented, and rapidly-growing company?

If you’re not an Elixir expert yet, that’s fine! As long as you are an experienced developer and are excited to code Elixir.

About us

My name: Nick Urban
My position: Cofounder and CTO (https://www.linkedin.com/in/nickurban/)
Company name: TalentWall
Website: https://talentwall.io
Country: USA. You don’t have to be in the US, but you be able to work 9am-12pm pacific time.

Company info and history:

TalentWall is small, but we already grew 3x this year! We have 4 full-time senior engineers, all former ThoughtWorks and Pivotal developers. Good vibes and good practices.

We are using Elixir across the company, and are loving LiveView, especially the simplicity and testing story as compared to a typical backend + frontend architecture.

About the job

Job title: Software Engineer, Sr. Software Engineer
Job description: Building app features / UI in LiveView. Writing analytics queries using Ecto. Writing tests.
Salary range: $110-$180k depending on experience.
Position on remote work: Fully Remote
Qualifications or experience required: 4+ years

The interview process includes a phone screen, general interview, coding interview, and culture fit interview.

I’d love to hear from you! You can apply here: