Full-stack soft developer and AI engineer positions - Siemens Healthineers BR

Introductory paragraph

We at Siemens Healthineers from Brazil have currently 3 job positions available, all of them is to work in home office, we have a priority to people near Florianópolis/SC region and then São Paulo region, but if you are from another region in the country and want to work at Siemens you can apply too.

About us

My name: Eduardo Barreto Alexandre
My position: Project Lead
Company: Siemens Healthineers Brazil
Website: https://www.siemens-healthineers.com/br/

About the job

You would work at a medical solution by Siemens in collaboration with major hospitals from the country. You need good communication skills and a willingness to learn about medical terms and technologies.

Job 1 and 2
job title: Full-stack Software Developer, Jr or Pl
job description:

As a full-stack developer, you will primarily work on our backend and frontend solutions. We use Elixir as our primary language in our backend, knowledge about the language and distributed system is a must-have, you don’t need to be an expert of course, especially if you are applying as a junior position.

For the frontend, we use Flutter with Redux. If you have UX experience it is a plus.

Also, another important part of our system is our NLP (Natural Language Processing), you don’t need to have deep knowledge about it, but it is desirable to have some since you will need to work with the AI Engineers to integrate their NLP solutions to the backend.

Other technologies that we use that you need to know or are willing to learn:

  • Azure, AWS and/or GCloud;
  • Kubernetes, Docker;
  • Linux.

Job 3
job title: AI Engineer, Pl
job description:

For that, we need someone with experience with data mapping, data discovery, and vast knowledge with NLP technologies.

Note that for the NLP, we need Machine Learning knowledge and also Classical NLP (rule-based) knowledge too since data acquisition in the medical area is a challenge by itself.

Technologies that we use:

  • Python and ML libraries for it;
  • Tensorflow.

Also note that even for this position, you will need to know or learn the basics of Elixir and our backend, since you will work with the other developer to integrate your NLP models with the backend.

All job positions require disponibility to travel 20% of the time and to be fluent in English.

Further info

If you are interested, you can PM me here or send me an e-mail directly at eduardo.alexandre at siemens-healthineers dot com so we can talk more.


Hello everyone,

Our management just told me that they changed plans and will only accept people that lives in Florianópolis (Grande Florianópolis) and São Paulo cities.

My apologies for everyone that reached out but resides in another city.

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