Fullstack Developer (JS + Elixir) at Contractbook - Remote

We are looking for a Fullstack Developer to join our cross-functional product team.

The position is an excellent opportunity to join, influence and impact a company in rapid growth with rising organisational and development opportunities. You will become a vital part of the team, and your work will have a direct influence on the revenue of the company and usage of the product.

What is Contractbook

Contractbook is a Danish legal tech company backed by Google’s AI-fund, Gradient Ventures. We are on a mission to help people get better contracts through data-driven contract automation.

We offer a digital contract management platform where our users are able to manage the entire lifecycle of their contracts in one flow. Create contracts using questionnaires or templates, sign them with a digital signature and organise them safely in the cloud. They can also collaborate in teams, execute the contract to fulfil obligations, and analyse their contracts to maximise their value.

Why is now a good time to join Contractbook

Contractbook is a solid, well-funded company. We are scaling up and growing a lot these days; both in terms of headcount, revenue and experience. This is your chance to be a part of a really successful environment with a lot of victories to celebrate - especially if you are interested in joining our international journey. However, we are still a young company where you can have a lot of influence, short communication chains and a flat hierarchy among our +70 team members. You get the best from all worlds: A dynamic, vibrant and optimistic environment with many occasions to celebrate - and a place where you can grow, learn, experience and have a great impact.

Perfect candidate

  • is eager to learn and do research
  • has a good understanding of and practical experience with modern web (SPA, PWA) apps’ architectures
  • has practical experience with modern, REST-ful APIs’ architectures
  • feels comfortable working both on the front-end and the back-end
  • bonus points for experience with our particular stack - React and Elixir - but experience with other similar technologies and being a quick learner will do, too
  • understands modern approaches to code quality (various types of automated tests, CI/CD etc.)
  • has a pragmatic, mature approach: applying adequate solutions to real problems
  • is result oriented
  • feels comfortable working in a very collaborative team setup
  • feels comfortable taking leadership of projects and technical initiatives
  • speaks english fluently

Technologies and tools we use

  • JavaScript (ES6+)
  • TypeScript
  • React
  • Elixir
  • Phoenix
  • Node.js
  • Webpack
  • Redux (application architecture)
  • Immutable.js
  • GitHub
  • CircleCI/Travis-CI
  • Heroku, Google Cloud Platform

Good to, not need to

  • Docker
  • TDD
  • Cloud platforms (Heroku, AWS, Google Cloud)
  • ProseMirror or similar JavaScript rich text editor
  • you like programming meetups and conferences
  • you know functional programming paradigm

Salary range: 20 - 40$ per hour, based on your skills and experience

What it is like working at Contractbook

We work distributed and value the benefits that come from flexible work hours and environments. Our team is free to choose when and where they work. However, you are also welcome at our office in Copenhagen. We support each other and collaborate to perform like a sports team. That means we have a flat organisation structure and trust everyone to self-organise their own work. We share our knowledge and value clear, straightforward communication across the entire organisation. We simplify our work processes as much as possible and use tools to give every team member what they need. We use cutting-edge technology to enhance our performances. We always test the latest updates and let people pick the tools they prefer to work with.


We work remotely and as async as we can. We understand, though, that in crucial cases, there is nothing better than a video call to get everybody on the same page quickly.

We’re rational about the technologies we use. We pick the most popular and up-to-date, but also those with large and helpful communities.

We work in cross-functional teams where team members have direct impact on what is being build.

We simplify our work processes as much as we can and understand distributed work culture and it’s challenges.

We are good friends but expect from each-other to perform like we would in a sports team.

We organize company meet-ups and they sometimes look like this

We are building a harmonic group of unselfish team players. We do not allow brilliant jerks, even if it means that we miss out on some talented people. What is essential for us, is that you fit into our culture and that you show openness, ambition and motivation. In return, we will facilitate an environment where talented people can learn, grow and boost their career.

Check more about the company culture here.

Ready? Apply!

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Hey Jarek, what does 20-40$ in the Salary range mean? Hourly rate?

Oh, yes. Let me actually edit that so it’s clear!

That’s pretty low tbh …


I see. I appreciate that you share your feedback.

Is having a linkedin account really that important?

In my experience what’s more important is to have something like an online CV + resume somewhere. A lot of employers would like to quickly check out your work history, maybe references from others, list of skills, average time spent per employer (sadly when you spent a good chunk of your career as a contractor that’s kind of against you; people think you are a job hopper and all you did was just obey the term of the contract), and several others – like maybe if you have a few blog post articles, link to GitHub etc.

Sure, I have a resume ready, and I guess I could add a page with the same info on my domain, but I was trying to apply and it’s not possible to do so without typing a LinkedIn account link. I have never been a fan of such monopolistic services so I don’t plan on ever creating an account there.


Fair, that’s your choice to make. It’s just that the HR people are very often unaware of these tradeoffs and how idealistic some of us the techies could be when it comes to them. I am not judging them for that; everybody has a range of responsibilities in their job and many HR don’t think this is one of them. So in my case I am just like “ehhh, if you so insist, here’s that generic but detailed LinkedIn profile”. :slight_smile:


Thanks for bring this up. I would love to see your application in. It’s not that important, no. You can just put https://www.linkedin.com/ for now. I’ll make sure to bring this feedback to the team - I will opt for making it non-required.

Done! Linkedin link is not required :slight_smile:


Props to you for taking the feedback into account and mad props to PigBear (I’m guessing that’s what @Cochonours means) for sticking to your principles on this matter.
We need more of that to change this mad world.

Ps: nothing against your position on this @dimitarvp, it’s completely understandable.

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Thanks Jarek, I’ll try again!

Good translation!