Fullstack Developer - Remote, EU | Cologne, Germany

Introductory paragraph

We offer something rare: a job with a purpose, a great team, a growing company, all in a choose-to-be-remote-if-it-fits-you setup. And 20% of the work time to keep up with the industry and learn.

About us

My name: Sebastian Schuth
My position: Director IT
Company name: BetterDoc
Website: Devblog https://dev.betterdoc.org | Home Page (DE only) https://www.betterdoc.org
Country: Germany

At Betterdoc, we help patients to find the best specialist for their health problem, plus offering some more services to people needed help with health related issues, such as second opinions from experts or findig great general practitioners.

BetterDoc was founded 7 years ago, and we are approaching the mark of 100 colleagues.

Our current top priority is helping more people, by improving our tooling and processes.

Since 2019, we use Elixir in production, powering an in-house solution for combining micro frontends served by microservices into workplaces that help our colleagues to serve patients.

Also, microservcies are built using Ruby on Rails, Elixir and Phoenix. Both languages, Elixir and Ruby, are used by all developers.

Tools we use:

  • Kubernetes (Managed by AWS)
  • Terraform
  • CircleCI
  • PostgreSQL
  • ElasticSearch
  • Event Queues (AWS SNS/SQS)
  • GitHub (Multi-Repo setup)

We do not build a thick JS based layer of functionality for the client side, so “Fullstack” does not mean huge JS based projects for us.

In 2021, we start a more focused development of our core application that will provide automated matching, a process that is currently mainly based on the evaluation of collected knowledge about medics by colleagues.

BetterDoc is growing fast, and we look for talent on multiple levels, beginning with mid-and senior people now and more junior people once our team size allows for a more structured mentorship, likely starting in 2022.

About the job

Job title: Developer Mid- and Senior Level

Job description:

As a developer at BetterDoc, you will build and maintain projects as part of small project teams that are formed to solve a certain problem in close collaboration with people from other teams at BetterDoc. These teams are cross-functional and free in finding an efficient and helpful solution to the problems at hand.

When developers are not part of a project team, they either join colleagues in working on smaller tasks or start to work on tasks from a prioritised list of value-bringing tasks, bug fixes, or support requests.

We do not have a dedicated operations team. Instead, the team runs and maintains the services that are running in a Kubernetes cluster currently running on AWS, using an automated Terraform-based setup.

Fridays are dedicated to learning, innovation and self-steered work. This is the time to follow up on interesting technology, keeping your tech portfolio fresh and learn new things.

Salary range: 44-70k EUR / Year, highly depending on your level

Position on remote work: Both - we are very flexible.

Qualifications or experience required:

  • Programming using Elixir or Ruby, or a deep interest in one of these platforms
  • General programming skills in professional setup for at least 2 year
  • Generally: If you are unsure if you meet our requirements: just ask!

What the successful job applicant will be working on:

  • Project work for a predefined time in teams set up to solve specific problems
  • Designing and creating solutions for (presumably) smaller tasks that were identified as valuable
  • Pairing with colleagues on programming tasks
  • Reviewing code
  • Keeping the deployment pipeline (CI/CD) intact
  • Bug fixing
  • Helping to improve our processes
  • Improving the server structure

Read more about how we structure our work on our dev blog: How we organize work | BetterDoc Product Development Blog

About the interview process

  1. You send us your CV along with a few words to sebastian.schuth(at)betterdoc(dot)de
  2. We contact you and arrange an interview (1-1.5h, remotely)
  3. We ask you to do a small programming task, with flexible timing and time boxed to at most 8h of work over one week’s time.
  4. You present the solution to colleagues, discussing about details
  5. We start to talk about potential contract details
  6. You meet our Chief Product Officer
  7. You meet our team
  8. We send you a signed contract

Further info

As we handle very sensitive information about our patient’s health, we have to limit our search to people that are residents of EU, as we cannot allow people outside of EU to have access to any production data.

For administrative reasons, for people that are not german residents, we hire you as long-term contractors. People living in Germany will get employed.

Team language is English.

If you are interested in who you will be working with, have a look at our company page on Stack Overflow: BetterDoc Jobs & Careers - Stack Overflow

If you find the job interesting - please send me your CV and an introduction letter telling a little about why you find BetterDoc interesting to sebastian.schuth(at)betterdoc(dot)de.


FYI: We are still looking for people! If you are in doubt, feel free to contact me - asking questions won’t hurt :slight_smile:


…and another update: you do not need a lot of professional experience with Elixir to apply!

Curiosity, interest and a good background in programming in whatever language might be enough.

On the other side: having a background in teaching an mentoring people that get started with Elixir would be a huge plus :smiley:


Update: Feeling that BetterDoc could be a match, but you like to work with a little more focus on infrastructure like AWS, using Terraform? And all this without being turned in the classical “admin person” and still get to be involved with projects that impact people directly?

Note: this is an additional offer, we are still looking for people for the job described originally!

Damn… does that mean you have found anyone? The timeline seems to point to that. I was in living in Germany… it seems fun betterdoc, too bad. Excelsior in your search!

We have found people, but our team still needs to grow: apply if you are interested :smiley:

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