Fullstack Software Engineer, Elixir and Liveview, Miami - Remote, USA

About us


Grilla is revolutionizing the esports experience, giving players and viewers the opportunity to earn money playing and watching the games they love. Our first tournament was a tremendous success and now we’re on track to have more tournaments serving many different games.

I’m looking for a full stack engineer to join us and be part of an excellent high-performing team. You will have a direct impact on direction, code style, and early product development.

Elixir, Phoenix Framework, Phoenix LiveView, Graphql, Postgresql, TailwindCSS

We use Github and modern CI/CD gitflow pipelines to deliver code automatically and ship multiple times per day with no manual processes. We care about code quality and delivering an excellent dev UX for our team.

If you’re interested email me at sergio [YOU-KNOW] grilla.gg and put ELIXIRFORUM in the subject somewhere so it doesn’t get lost.

About us

My name: Sergio Tapia
My position: VP of Engineering
Company name: Grilla
Website: https://grilla.gg
Country: USA
Company info and history (how you’re using Elixir etc): We are a brand new startup, currently seed stage. 4 months ago had just an idea in our heads. Today we have happy customers using our product to handle their tournaments and staking needs. We move very quickly and we are ruthless about focusing on important features that help us serve our customers. We have a very vanilla tech stack and use Phoenix Liveview for almost everything on our website.

About the job

Job title: Fullstack Software Engineer
Job description: See above
Salary range: Competitive market-rate
Position on remote work: We are fully remote
Qualifications or experience required: 2 to 5 years of professional experience with Elixir. Liveview experience is a definite bonus but not a requirement. We can train you.
What the successful job applicant will be working on: Our Phoenix Liveview monolith and creating excellent UX for our users.

About the interview process

Our interview process is:

  1. 30 minute phone screen with me

  2. 1 take home assignment that should take you 4 hours to complete.

  3. 30 minute session with me and one of our senior devs to talk through your solution.

  4. Offer


Position has been filled.