FunWithFlags - Is there a way to know the person who toggled a feature flag?

Hello all,
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Here at work we use the lib FunWithFLags for all our Feature Flag needs.
But now we have a very sensible flag and there are two problems that I am facing with the lib at the moment:

  1. I did not find a way to hide this new flag on the Web Dashboard, it seems that if you have access to it, you can edit all feature flags.

  2. I also don´t know a way to visualize the person who toggled a feature flag.

Does anyone know if those problems can be solved with FunWithFlags?

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If anyone have this problem in the future, I created some Plugs and added them to the FunWithFlagsUI pipeline. Whenever a Flag is changed, it will be sent to the backend with the Method patch, so you can just filter them to save the changes in the database, use multiuser authentication to restrict which flags which users can toggle, etc…