Future Elixir Fountain Guests

Greetings Everyone!

I’m Johnny Winn, host of the Elixir Fountain podcast & long time contributor to the Elixir community. If you haven’t heard about the Fountain you should check it out! I’m currently putting together the summer guest list and have a lot of great guests we are working to get on the show. However, I wanted to reach out and see who you would like to hear from :slight_smile: Please let me know who you would like to add to the list and why you want to hear from them.

Thanks & I look forward to seeing your replies!


Joe Armstrong

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That was one of my favorite interviews and have enjoyed every conversation I’ve had with him :slight_smile: Did you catch that episode? https://soundcloud.com/elixirfountain/elixir-fountain-2016-01-08-joe-armstrong


Dah I missed it thank you for the link :slight_smile:

No worries & I hope you enjoy the episode!

I definitely think we need another where you are the guest Johnny :lol:

Would also be cool to have another with @josevalim to talk about Elixir and @chrismccord to talk about Phoenix :slight_smile:

How about having a few episodes that are slightly different where you have a number of guests? Say, one episode with guests who have Elixir in production, another of library developers etc? (No probs if you’re not keen on the idea - just thought it might be a way to include ‘lesser known’ but-still-interesting people on the show).

I also found the one with @JEG2 interesting because he comes from Ruby, so perhaps find other guests that were once prominent in other languages?

Whatever you decide, I am sure the show will continue to be a success - keep up the good work :023:


Great ideas! I’m looking to get @josevalim on later this summer to discuss a mid-year state of the union show but it might be good to have both he & @chrismccord on the same show. Although that would keep Chris in the lead for most appearances haha.

I really enjoy the shows where I bring people in from outside the Elixir community and get a different perspective. I’m looking to get more people on that are either from a FP background in other languages or OO background to debate the differences. I think challenging thought is how we grow and can only help to strengthen future solutions.


A joint show sounds good too :slight_smile:

How about a show about the Nerves project? Perhaps following the same theme as shows about specific things rather than specific people (so can be more than one guest on the show). I guess you’d probably need to experiment with the format.

I’d also be interested in hearing Evan Czaplicki’s thoughts on the work they are doing for Elm/Phoenix integration :slight_smile: and even his thoughts on FP and Elm in general. If you look at our ‘What other languages interest you’ thread, Elm pops up frequently.


Hi. I’m very new to Elixir but have listened to all of your episodes. Most of the topics are directed around the individuals stories around how they got into programming and how / why they got into elixir. Most if not all of the individuals were large figures in ruby or other communities. I thought it would be interesting to hear the same story from average joe programmer who maybe isn’t on the conference talk circuit and hear what their experiences were like learning elixir. Maybe it wasn’t so easy for them, or they went through a different path than most of your previous guests.

Having Evan Czaplicki on the show would be cool as well.

I’d also like to hear from other people in industry and their experiences migrating from language a to elixir like maybe an engineer from Bleacher Report or some similar company.

Thanks. Glad I’m able to get an opportunity to contribute!


Bryan Hunter - https://twitter.com/bryan_hunter

Frank Hunleth - https://twitter.com/fhunleth

Justin Schneck - https://twitter.com/mobileoverlord

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Bryan is on the list :slight_smile: I had Justin on but thinking about having Justin & Garth on to talk nerves more!

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Yes, having Evan Czaplicki on the show would be great - he’s always informative and very entertaining.


Hi Johnny - would it be possible to get some non-rubyists on the show? I love the show, and I love hearing everyone’s origin story, but for a person like me who didn’t come from Ruby (my background is in C# & Java), it would be really incredible to hear from some others like me who have gone down the same path. So many people in Elixir seem to have come from Ruby - and for good reason. But there is a gigantic, untapped audience in the Java / C# devs. I know that if there were more community members posting and talking about the mindset shift coming from these other big languages, I wouldn’t feel quite so alone in my journey and would feel more empowered to evangelize and grow the Elixir community in my area.

This would be huge, if there are any folks out there that would fit the bill. Thanks


It would be great to hear from some one that’s not necessarily a speaker/evangelist. Hearing someones “adventures” in learning would be great and may even help those of us that would like to contribute more to making it easier to address any pain points or making it easier for newcomers to come into the tech stack. I would think an appropriate guest would be someone that’s probably not doing it full time but enthusiastic about it. :slight_smile:

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Get @AstonJ on. He has done alot to create a hangout for the community.


That’s very nice of you to say @Hoegbo but I think there are far more interesting (and knowledgable!) people to get on a show :icon_biggrin:

Plus there are much more experienced people on our mod team who would make for a better guest than me :icon_wink: :003:

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  • James Fish (fishcakez) on the net: he has done a lot for Elixir
  • Torben Hoffman: enthousiastic guy, one of his projects (learning kids Elixir) has been mentioned on an earlier podcast
  • Aleksei Magusev (lexmag): adding nice things to Elixir (like the new diff display in ExUnit)
  • Tristan Sloughter: long time rebar contributor, would be nice to hear some Erlang folks about their experiences
  • Heinz N. Gies: works on Project Fifo which looks interesting
  • Benoit Chesneau: written some Erlang libraries/packages which many Alchemists/Elixirists use (ex.: hackney/httpoison), same for Loïc Hoguin (cowboy)
  • Alexei Sholik: Elixir-lang contributor, written some nice packages (Porcelain, Benchfella)

There are of course much more people which deserve to be interviewed, but these are some folks which popped up