Gathering RPS info from Phoenix/Gigalixir?


I’ve recently put together a very simple JSON API with Phoenix and deployed through Gigalixir (as I intend to try scaling the site at some point). It seems Gigalixir is a bit bare-bones and the only data provided on the site is Memory Usage and CPU Usage.

Is there a way to track/measure data like requests per second, response time, and/or throughput? I’ve been spoiled by Heroku’s dashboard and would love to have a similar interface (or at least have the numbers) for my Phoenix/Elixir deployments. I know Phoenix offers some Telemetry features but I didn’t immediately see what I was looking for when searching (seems it’s more for timing Plugs?).

Thank you for any help!

You need to setup exporter that will gather data for you and export them somewhere for you to visualise. Telemetry in its basics is just logging framework.

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I’ve heard of people using AppSIgnal, NewRelic, DataDog, etc with success on gigalixir. Personally, I export stats to influxdb/grafana, but it’s a fair amount of work to set up and maintain.