GenAI and LLamaCPP nif - request for feedback


I wrote a more comprehensive llama_cpp nif wrapper noizu-labs-ml/ex_llama: ( inspired by the unfortunately doa jeregrine/llama_cpp_ex ( project.

So far its working pretty well and, fulfilled my temporarily dashed (due to issues with the llama_cpp_rs client the other project used) dream of loading local models into my multi provider/endpoint noizu-labs-ml/genai:( client wrapper.

This is my first time writting a nif and rust code though and if any experts have and constructive feedback i’d appreciate it. And if anyone has any thoughts/change/feature requests for the GenAI library.

I’ve been working with Elixir a long time but I’ve done to much lone wolf dev and my code isn’t as idiomatic as i’d like.