Generic Admin tools

I had ideas about generic admin via API, wrote a lot of plan on papers. Then I did market research and found which matches 70-80% of ideas I had.

I am now working on new ideas and plan give that tools a try because I love the ideas. It’s not just about CRUD which mostly deal with data layer schema and db tables. It’s /any /business_rule endpoint we create on the backend api. So it works with app level too.

Eh sounds like a sale man… I am not sure how far their app can go in administrative tasks.

I had a lot of out of sync business logic code between a separate ActiveAdmin and a core app (Rails). It’s going towards many extracted gems and tedious abstract gem api.

I kind of wish we had some kind of elixir admin node attached to the main node and does administrative tasks via normal message passing instead of REST(http) api.


Haven‘t tried it yet, but Forest Admin looks interesting

hey, thanks for mentioning Retool (I work there). We used Elixir a lot at my previous company, so it’s cool to see this come up here! Would love to hear how you’re getting on with using Retool — :slight_smile:

That page is so deep in marketing I couldn’t answer a single question I had. Zero screens showing actual UI.

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Their user guide has a lot of detail and screenshots:

and they have a live demo here:

hope this helps!

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