Generic error when running app


I have an app running and it is working. However it prints errors constantly:

=ERROR REPORT==== 30-May-2019::03:58:51.188574 ===
Unexpected message: {#Ref<0.2823632251.2053636104.44147>,badarg}

=ERROR REPORT==== 30-May-2019::03:58:51.926736 ===
Unexpected message: {#Ref<0.2823632251.2054160391.93294>,badarg}

Because the error message has a Ref and a completely useless error messages (badarg) I think this may be comming from an ETS, since ETS tables have references and they always give you the same error no matter what (badarg).


Is there a way to confirm this and perhaps find out which tables are blowing?

I’d check GenServers and similar that are currently missing a handle_info callback.

The symptom tells us that there is some message received that you do not handle, and this way is the default behaviour for GenServer IIRC.