GenQueue - adapter based job queues

Hi folks,

For anyone that might find it useful - I recently released GenQueue. An adapter based approach to queues/job queues.

I sometimes find myself writing wrappers for the various forms of job enqueuing within my applications to ensure it is not tied to a specific library/platform. This can typically mean 2 types of wrappers:

  1. Some form of “durable jobs” (backed by Redis, RabbitMQ, etc)
  2. Some form of “simple jobs” (somewhere between a Task, and the above)

Anyways - GenQueue helps solve this with a a few lines of code. It creates a common API as well as a unified form of testing.

Hope some can find it useful.

Current adapters:


I just wanted to thank you for this; we’ve just implemented it with a wrapper around OPQ in order to implement a stable supervision tree for OPQ and its workers. Aside from figuring a few things out related to how jobs are implemented vs raw OPQ, GenQueue was super simple to get running.