GenServer handling libgraph(Graph) state

Hey all, as a newbie in OTP world:
What is best way to send/handle multi asynchronous write requests(~100k per second) to the Graph? How many processes / GenServer do I need ?
Consider the node receiving vertices/edges through gossip protocol, how to assign one process/task/agent per vertex to only handle the current requests and then shutdown when no new requests? I want to have a safety options for the state, is it possible to make more than one GenServer to handle the state so if one gen fail the other(s) will keep handling the state without losing it ? When I tried to assign one process per task, it seems that each process will have its own state and not linked to the whole state, and I don’t think long_running n vertices/process is a good way to keep the state, or is it good? Is there a good database option to periodically update the database state in real time?
The goal is to let the processes do the heavy work in parallel.

Thank you all