GenStage and CitusData seem like they could be an interesting pair

I saw this post on Hacker News about real time event aggregation with Postgres and Citus

And it made me wonder what types of crazy things you could do with GenStage in conjunction with something like this. It’s worth a read.


You can build end to end analytics solution :slight_smile: . Anyone has first hand experience with Citrus?

Any update on this?

Is the citus extension for postgresql the best way to do distributed postgresql for a distributed (multi-node/beam) elixir app or apps eg umbrella app - from the setup to scaling to devops (eg analytics) for postgresql?

I haven’t had much of a chance to experiment with Citus but I have read up on it a lot. Short version is that it makes horizontal scaling with a sharding approach pretty simple and transparent. It distributes queries across all nodes where need with transparent map reduce.

In short…it’s pretty awesome.


Thanks @brightball that’s what I’ve read too… have you had any experience with it?

Has anyone here used postgresql with the citus extension?

Can anyone suggest a better solution for scaling postgresql or an sql db or hybrid sql and no-sql db?

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Although not Postgres, but CockroachDB is worth giving a chance as a scalable acid sql database of the future with very strong team.

It’s interesting but I have yet to see any kind of performance analysis for some sane size/workload. Running CockroachDB for a few TB database is not a viable production scenario. It can start making sense at 20-50TB+