Get feedback on a small project


I made a small project using Elixir and Plug ( I’m looking for feedbacks about my code (architecture, design, syntax, test…).

For example recently I received an interesting feedback mentioning this blog about using structs as method params.

When do you start putting methods in the module that define the struct?
Do you always write doc even if the project it doesn’t mean to be use as lib?

Thanks in advance


Not enough time at the moment for me to go through the code, but at the least:

Yes, or always try to at least, I even have credo set to enforce it as much as it can. Hard to have enough accurate docs. :slight_smile:


The idea of comments and documentation is to help someone who does not know exactly how everything in your codebase works to understand.

This includes you, three months in the future. :slight_smile: