Get going with Elixir (workshop)

Stuck at home and want to make the most of it?

Here’s your chance to help fighting COVID-19 while helping yourself grow as well. Learn about Elixir, a functional programming language with a focus on community, usability and productiveness, that you don’t need a type theory PhD to use!

The workshop will be divided into 8 live sessions of about 2h each, at around 5/6pm UTC+1. There will also be some “homework” which will help solidify what is discussed in the live sessions.

All of the proceedings from this workshop will be donated to a COVID-19 charity

Tickets here:

And if for some reason you want to attend and cannot afford to, simply drop us a line at and we’ll look into your situation.


Hi @lauraesteves,

Thanks, this sounds like a great initiative. Would you be so kind to provide more information about the content of the workshop, as well as about those who are going to conduct the workshop (instructors).

Don’t get me wrong, I think it is cool to have workshops like this, but it will be beneficial for readers as well as for you to provide more information, so we can decide, if the content is relevant/interesting

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Hi @magnetic,

I’ll be the instructor of this workshop and it’ll be focused on getting someone that knows how to code (I’m assuming likely from OO languages) up and running with Elixir. There will be some theory and live coding during the 2h sync sessions and also some “homework” to help cement the ideas discussed.

In terms of the content here’s the rough plan (can diverge a bit based on the people attending):

Day 1 - Start slow, Elixir syntax, basic types, immutability
Day 2 - Pattern matching, multiple dispatching, and other cool Elixir base features
Day 3 - Streams, Structs, Protocols, Behaviors, compile vs run time
Day 4 - OTP Applications, Processes, Tasks
Day 5 - Supervisors, Supervision Tree, Registry
Day 6 - Dynamic Supervisors, ETS, GenServer
Day 7 & 8 - Phoenix (maybe LiveView)

Day 7 can be more focused on GenStage, Flow and Broadway instead of Phoenix, depending on the interest of the class.

I have a lot of experience teaching programming, from small workshops, large bootcamps to Computer Science Master’s, I’ve taught a bit of everything, while still coding professionally, which I’ve done in Elixir for the past 3 and half years. Hopefully this means that I’ll be able to convey the topics appropriately and do them justice, because Elixir is a language I really enjoy working and want to pass that joy along.

As Laura mentioned we’re not taking any money out of this, it’s all going to be donated to help fight this pandemic, which we believe to be a worthy cause.


Hey @zamith,

Looks great, thanks for providing detailed overview

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