Get YubiKeys for cheap, as Cloudflare partners with Yubico


Acquire, activate, and authenticate with YubiKeys

Cloudflare customers will be able to access an exclusive offer to purchase security keys from Yubico, the leading provider of hardware authentication security keys, at “Good for the Internet” pricing – as low as $10 per key – through their Cloudflare dashboard.

These are extra costly in India, so thankfully I will be able to get 2 of them.

Also, how do I use, Yubikey & WebAuthn, in a Phoenix application for authentication, without external service??

P.S. I use the Phoenix Auth Generator, because I love password authentication. (Modern authentication method with inordinate amount of redirections make me feel nauseated. OAuth & SSO :face_vomiting:)

I am going to add Nimble TOTP for admin accounts.

I was just curious about YubiKey & WebAuthn. :sweat_smile:

i wonder myself too!

i plan to try it soon: GitHub - tanguilp/wax: WebAuthn for Elixir
there is also nice demo bundled with it: GitHub - tanguilp/wax_demo: WebAuthn demo in Elixir, using the Phoenix framework and the wax library

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WebAuthn & YubiKey libraries have some gotchas:

This library has not be reviewed by independent security / FIDO2 specialists - use it at your own risks or blindly trust its author!

Same for this other library I found:

This early release has not been used in production yet and doesn’t have enough tests - please try it and get in touch if something doesn’t behave as expected.

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Not every company supports YubiKey, so I guess that’s why there aren’t that many libraries.

See this listing: