Getting an app using membrane and ex_libsrtp to work nice with nerves

We’re trying to get GitHub - evercam/ex_nvr: Video recording and computer vision for edge devices working with nerves but having some difficulties with dependencies, mainly ex_libsrtp | Hex, whenever i launch a firmware build i am getting this error

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That’s probably because ex_nvr is using 1.4.* version of bundlex, our build tool for native code. Updating to v1.5 should fix this issue, but we’re currently experiencing another problem: the firmware is built, but Nerves won’t boot… See Cross compilation issue in membrane_portaudio_plugin [macOS -> Linux] · Issue #781 · membraneframework/membrane_core · GitHub. We’re working on it right now, but it’s quite tough due to no crash dump / logs from nerves. Until it’s fixed you probably won’t be able to run ex_nvr on Nerves :confused:

Thank you very much.

When changing to bundlex 1.5 i have this error, is that what you meant ?

Nope, this should already be fixed too :thinking: Are you sure you’re using Bundlex 1.5?

Yes, only changed bundlex to 1.5 here, also elixir-turboojpeg’s bundlex needed to be updated (just locally for now), and had that error

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Ok, seems we didn’t release this fix :upside_down_face: can you try github master?

Gives the same error as before

After using a custom firmware (adding libsrtp and openssl), i get this error

Hi, it seems that the linker is unable to find the correct libei.a file. Could you check if this file is present in staging/usr/lib? It’s the place where all libs available for nerves are present. The staging directory should be located in custom_rpi4-portable-1.27.0

Can’t seem to find the libbei, should i search for it in the make menuconfig menu?

Yes. Could you also run mix.firmare --store-scripts and share the resulting file?