Getting error: exited in:, {:client, :host, [platform: :host]}, :infinity) while trying to set EXLA>Backend

Hi All,

I am getting following error while i do iex -S mix to run my proj.

If i run the application without default_backend as EXLA, then it compiles just fine, however when I make the default_backend EXLA in one of the *.ex files, then it gives the above error.
I tried starting the proj without setting the default backed to EXLA and then making changes to set the default backgroup to EXLA and the recompling the same file, then it works just fine.

Has anyone else faced this issue?

Can you by any chance share your repo?
If not, I can only think of issues like you setting module attributes as tensors or something like that at compile time, which won’t work because:

  1. EXLA tensors are represented as refs, so even if compilation worked, the ref would be dead on runtime.
  2. During compilation none of your supervision trees are started