Getting Only Mobile Number Without Any CountryCode Prefix

I have a phone number in a database with country code in the prefix. For Eg: +919123456789. Now I need only last 10 digit mobile number without any prefix. How can i achieve that??

You can use String.slice(phone_number, -10, 10) to get the last 10 letters of a string.

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

There is a phone parser from @cevado

from docs, You can get phone info

iex> Phone.parse("555132345678")
    {:ok, %{a2: "BR", a3: "BRA", country: "Brazil", international_code: "55", area_code: "51", number: "32345678", area_abbreviation: "RS", area_type: "state", area_name: "Rio Grande do Sul"}}

That would extract national number…

Additionaly there is another package, ex_phone_number here, based on libphonenumber

Combining both, You can extract a2 code, phone string with phone, then parse it with ex_phone_number.

iex(6)> {:ok, phone_number} = ExPhoneNumber.parse "555132345678", "BR"
 %ExPhoneNumber.Model.PhoneNumber{country_code: 55, country_code_source: nil,
  extension: nil, italian_leading_zero: nil, national_number: 5132345678,
  number_of_leading_zeros: nil, preferred_domestic_carrier_code: nil,
  raw_input: nil}}

You get a phone structure and useful functions… From docs, You can

iex> ExPhoneNumber.is_possible_number?(phone_number)

iex> ExPhoneNumber.is_valid_number?(phone_number)

iex> ExPhoneNumber.get_number_type(phone_number)

iex> ExPhoneNumber.format(phone_number, :national)
"044 668 18 00"

iex> ExPhoneNumber.format(phone_number, :international)
"+41 44 668 18 00"

iex> ExPhoneNumber.format(phone_number, :e164)

iex> ExPhoneNumber.format(phone_number, :rfc3966)

It is longer, but You can get full phone info