Github Action :: Compile with 1.14.0-dev

Is there any possibility to specify the latest (master, 1.14.0-dev) elixir version for erlef/setup-elixir github action? The below does not work, and I am unable to google it.

       fail-fast: false
           - pair:
               otp: 25.0
               elixir: '1.14.0-dev'

There is another way which is easier, I think you can create a docker package for it as alpine and use it on your GitHub CI

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That I understand, thanks, I just wondered if there is a ready-to-use version to be added in a common way.

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Based on the readme of the action it should be possible:

For pre-release versions, such as v1.11.0-rc.0, use the full version specifier (v1.11.0-rc.0) and set option version-type to strict. Pre-release versions are opt-in, so 1.11.x will not match a pre-release.

Did you provide the version-type option as described?

I did, but unfortunately 1.14 does not have prerelease yet.