GitHub Actions for Library Authors

Hey folks, just want to share the latest update on how we leverage GitHub Actions since I found a way that until now, it is quite simple to add the basic setup for most libraries out there.

I created the following repo: GitHub - straw-hat-team/github-actions-workflows: A set of GitHub Actions Workflow Templates where I added two full workflows so far:

Here is an example of a full setup: one_piece_commanded/.github/workflows at master · straw-hat-team/one_piece_commanded · GitHub

Github Reusable Workflows still does not support matrixes without doing some hacky stuff Reusable Workflow with Strategy Matrix - #6 by Zejnilovic - Software Development - GitHub Support Community which I haven’t done it yet in the shared workflows hoping that they will add it, otherwise I am more than happy to open up the setup to it.

Please share some feedback, I would like to hear what else you normally include in your setups. Cheers.