GitHub actions vs CircleCI poll

what do you use primarily for cloud CI
  • GitHub actions
  • CircleCI

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Honestly I hate everything that uses YAML as a scripting language… :018:

Still trying to force myself to devise (or discover) a GitHub CI workflow for cross-compiling a Rust project to 4 different OS/CPU combinations, and I actually wanted to do that like 2 months ago now. It’s just not intuitive and extremely quirky. To top things off, it annoys me so much that I am not even sure I want “to get used to it” (as is the classic advice for learning something that everybody knows is dysfunctional).


Makes me a little sad that circleci has more features, but people have converged on GHA because it is convenient, I assume?

And because of a generous free tier? But maybe CircleCI has that too, I don’t know.

Historically I’ve used CircleCI. I am planning to do my next project CI in GitHub Actions primarily as a point of exploration.

To be clear, I’ve been very happy with CircleCI, and their support teams have always been very helpful to me. If I had anything of consequence, I’d probably go with them. For simple / free / open-source things, GitHub Actions might be the path, but that is TBD.

I didn’t vote because…

We currently use GitHub Actions, but it’s because I work for a giant corporation and getting an approved vendor is a pain in the ass.

I’ve used CircleCI for previous startups and side projects and like it a lot.

Also, I can clearly see that GHA is basically ADO workflows at this point, and I hate MS products.