GitKraken - Says push was successful when it wasn't

Hey all,

I have a Unity3D project I’m working on that is multimedia heavy. I use Git for the repo and GitKraken to manage it. I’ve run into problems recently with GitKraken pushing commits to the repo. It will say a push was successful, but in Git’s browser i see nothing has been updated. I then realized I was trying to push 100mb+ files which Git doesn’t like. GitHub’s desktop client will tell me that a file is too big and cancel the entire push. GitKraken will do the same stopping the entire push if a file is too big, but it wont tell me that it was stopped. It will say push successful which it wasn’t. Is this a bug in the application or has something else gone awry?

Sounds like a bug in gitkraken. I don’t use it so I’m not sure how it all is set up (I just use git directly).

This should probably be in the offtopic area, I ‘think’ Questions& Help``Troubleshooting is for BEAM troubleshooting, of which both unity3d and git are not part of, or is this a generic troubleshooting area. ^.^

Also for note, do not store binary blobs in git, at least not large ones, git is optimized for text formats. If you want a binary blob stored in git then you want Git LFS or Git Annex, not Git.

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