Glasgow Elixir - 29th of Feb, 2016

Hey folks!

I just want to let everyone know about our meetup on the last Monday of the month in Glasgow, Scotland.

A brief abstract from our eventbrite page:

We’re looking to build an informal place for people of all levels to meet and talk about Elixir/Erlang/LFE/Beam, and also functional programming in general.

We’ll all be coming from different backgrounds - from a technical perspective and also a career perspective. We want to produce a space to share these different perspectives and learn from them.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, join us at RookieOven and lets discuss it more!

We’ll have a leaning towards hosting Lean coffee sessions as well as live practical demonstrations instead of the more traditional slides approach, so we’re hoping our meetups will be a lot more hands-on than others!

You can sign up here.


Nice one John!

It’s great to see Elixir/FP getting more meet-ups in the UK. Stunning setting for it too :023:

Good luck, and please report back with an update photos/vids if there are any.

Our first meetup was a success! We didn’t take any photos, but we had a Periscope and I left my webcam on during it:

Next month we’ll be more organised on that front!