Gleam v1.0.0 Released

I know this isn’t about Elixir specifically, but it’s BEAM-related so I hope this post is welcome here:

What does Gleam v1 include?

This version covers all the public APIs found in the main Gleam git repository, that is:

  • The Gleam language design.
  • The Gleam compiler.
  • The Gleam build tool.
  • The Gleam package manager.
  • The Gleam code formatter.
  • The Gleam language server.
  • The Gleam compiler WASM API and JavaScript bindings.

The Gleam standard library and other packages maintained by the core team will be getting an accompanying v1 release shortly afterwards. Before these are released we will be making pull requests to popular community packages to relax their package manager version constraints to ensure that the update to v1 is as smooth as possible for all Gleam users.

What does v1 mean?

Version 1 is a statement about Gleam’s stability and readiness to be used in production systems. We believe Gleam is suitable for use in projects that matter, and Gleam will provide a stable and predictable foundation.

Gleam follows semantic versioning, so maintaining backwards compatibility is now a priority. We will be making every effort to ensure that Gleam does not introduce breaking changes. The exception to this is for security and soundness issues. Should a critical bug of this nature be discovered we reserve the right to fix the security issue, even if some programs were taking advantage of the bug.

What’s next for Gleam?

Gleam is a practical language intended for making real things, so our focus for Gleam post-v1 is to be split between productivity for Gleam users and sustainability for the Gleam project.


Also Louis gave a “status update” talk on this year’s FOSDEM:


The more languages on the BEAM the better :slight_smile:


I hope someone writes a book on it :slight_smile:


There is an excellent interactive tutorial that you can run from your web browser:


So does the static type system makes it is easier to be more productive?