Go to headless CMS for elixir and phoenix

Wonder what people are using for their CMS for their phoenix websites? I know there isn’t really one that is the go to that is built in Elixir, so more wondering about headless cms options and are there libraries that help get up and running quickly?


You can look at NimblePublisher and pardall_markdown.

Dashbit Blog has a post about how they built their blog - Welcome to our blog: how it was made! - Dashbit Blog


or headless using airtable: Headless CMS fun with Phoenix LiveView and Airtable (pt. 1) · bigardone.dev

dockyard is coming out with a cms

If you’re looking for a minimalist git-based CMS, I’m a huge fan of Netlify’s CMS. Works outside of Netlify’s ecosystem, and with enough prodding you can take it pretty far.

A few months ago (in August of 2022) Dockyard announced Beacon: GitHub - BeaconCMS/beacon: Beacon CMS

I haven’t tried it yet but am eyeing it seriously.