Golang for NLP with Elixir Chat Server

Hello All,
Greetings from India !
I am a newbie in Erlang/elixir world. I am working on an NLP application being developed in Golang. We have decided to develop the chat application as well as web app in elixir/phoenix… And not in Golang…
Chat data/files will be parsed in real-time in Golang n the new messages generated would be communicated through elixir…
Can you lead me to some pointers where we can exchange/interop bet. the two technologis ?
Thanks in advance.

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One way is gPRC. What data storage are you using? You might be able to setup some communication through it as well.


Thx a lot for the quick feedback.
Database would be postgres as well as neo4j.

Then using gRPC would probably be easier. GitHub - elixir-grpc/grpc: An Elixir implementation of gRPC

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Ook… Thx again @ruslandoga