Good resources to learn C/C++

I know it’s completely unrelated to this forum and I should just google for some quora and reddit posts but anyway, how would you go about learning C/C++ if you needed to?

I mostly need it for understanding some websocket (in C++) and webrtc (in C) libs. I was thinking about reading K&R C and then maybe watching some youtube courses from universities, while reading the sources of those libs I want to understand. Would that work?

I would probably have to also read the specs for websocket/webrtc to better understand the specifics… Anyway, I would really appreciate any suggestions.

I hope this site helps you

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ANSI C is pretty easy to grasp, you can do it in a day, the K&R C is a good book.

Now C++ is a different story. I recommend you look at this map ( first and decide where you want go. Good luck.

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