Good SEO Book?

Do you guys know of any good books on SEO?


Not a book, but in my experiences trying to game SEO on Google and Bing is amazingly difficult. If you want to be high than use HTML5 tags correctly (article, section, etc…) helps a ton on google, and have relevant and accurate content. Anything else Google has got very good at pushing down the results. Meta tags describing tags and site content and such are basically not looked at for SEO anymore (though aggregators and such like them)


Thanks for the info


That is article by employee of mine. Talks about “SEO for Rails developers” because of SEO reasons :wink: but is pretty universal and a good start I hope.

It’s all about the content, really. There’s nothing better for SEO than a content on the subject matching the phrases you want to be found with, shared by people organically. So, for a software house technical blog is a must.


thank you for nice blog post, and good advice still was wondering if there is some in-depth technical book worth reading (that anyone can recommend).

Currently I’m reading The Art of SEO: Mastering Search Engine Optimization and looks good.

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Cool thank you. Does it cover panda & penguin or is it more top level?

It has a chapter on panda, penguin and their penalties but I haven’t read it yet

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The book named “The Art of SEO” by Jessie and partner is such a nice book. It covers all aspects of SEO in simple and easy way with the help of examples.

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Not a book, but one of the single best recommendations I’ve ever heard for SEO is to follow accessibility standards.

If you make a point to structure your site in a manner that prioritizes the way that screen readers will view it, you’ll find that you have everything you need for quality SEO as a side effect. Title tags on links, alt tags on images, accurate and descriptive header tags for the page, properly structured/nested h1/h2/h3.

If a screen reader can cleanly read your HTML, as web crawler can too.

This is a small part of it but backlinks etc. will play a very big role in how the page is ranked