Good sources to explore Elixir and its ecosystem

Hey! I was wondering if there was a source similar to a blog, a newsletter or a YouTube channel where people can read or see the latests news, interesting new libraries, tips and tricks, etc. for Elixir (and other Elixir libraries and frameworks like Phoenix).

I would like to know if there are any, thanks!

Sounds like elixirforum!


Yeah I guess, haha. Would be still cool to have more sources, though. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey there!

There is a newsletter I can recommend:

Elixir Radar is really good
It is maintain by one the founders (I think) of Plataformatec (the company that started Elixir).

You have the Elixir Reddit

This is what people post on Twitter with the hashtag #myelixirstatus

and maybe you want to check this list out.


Thanks a lot, will check all of them!

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Good, its nice.


I get lots of random news, tips and tricks by following #MyElixirStatus in twitter

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I’d like to add:

Awesome Elixir Newsletter