Goodoo—A simple, robust, and customizable health check solution

Hello Elixir friends,

We at Fishbrain have recently developed a small and very customizable health check solution which works quite well for us. So we decided to released it as a package. :muscle:

So let me present it to you: Goodoo. :tada: :dancer:

How Goodoo works is that it will periodically checks the configured sub-systems and expose APIs for developers to retrieve health report. This health report can be used to set up health-check endpoints, to help uptime checkers e.g Docker, AWS load balancer to determine the “goodooness” of the application.

Currently Ecto and Redix are supported, but developers can write their own custom health checks. More will be added very soon.

Please see documentation for more information (discussion): Goodoo — Goodoo v0.1.0

Please note that the library is in very early stage (even we’ve already used them on production) feedbacks and suggestions are very welcomed.

Fun fact: Goodoo is a fish name :eyes: (Here’s a link if you are curious :slight_smile:

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Might be useful for the guys discussing Ecto health checks on this thread. Cool project :slight_smile:

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