Google Summer of Code for Lasp

There’s only a few days left to apply, but we’re looking for more students to come be part of the Google Summer of Code project for Lasp.

In terms of proposals, I’m happy to help any eager students who are interested in submitting something write a proposal.

For ideas, we’ve got a lot of things that are interesting happening:

  • I’d like to see someone bring SSL/TLS support to our partisan library – partisan is a highly scalable work-in-progress replacement for distributed Erlang for edge and mobile computing.

  • We’ve got a newish work-in-progress report out on our Loquat system – recently presented at Erlang Factory 2017 in SF – and we’ve love to have students help us build out a first functioning prototype of the system and evaluate it.

  • Documentation: help us write documentation about how to use Lasp from Erlang and Elixir.

  • Finally, we’d love to see some students work on building real applications in Lasp: we’ve got several ideas for applications, but haven’t had time to implement them yet. (Ideally, we’d love to see these example applications in Elixir and Erlang!)

Last year was super fun: not only did we have great success with two student projects, one of them resulted in a draft paper and presentation at the AGERE! workshop located at ACM’s SPLASH conference.

[Working on open source, on a research project, where your results will possibly contribute to a conference paper and you as co-author, not bad!]

Please reach out, and I’m looking forward to your submissions!

Christopher Meiklejohn