Group Collaboration Projects

Hello everyone,

me and @AstonJ have been talking about having group collaborations (and also contests, but that’s for another topic). If there’s more people interested, we are thinking about setting up projects every once in a while that anyone from the community can get involved with.

These projects might be just for fun and learning experience and new techniques and concepts, other times they may be for tools or libraries that the community needs.

Is anyone interested? Be free to suggest ideas for these projects, specially ones that you would like to work on. Once we get a project decided, a topic can be made and a shared repo set up.

Thanks everyone!


I’ll suggest something most people will be familiar with - a URL shortener :lol:


Interesting initiative, maybe have different projects for different skills would be a plus for those like me really new to Elixir :).


What about ? :slight_smile:


I’m not sure if this exists, but I would like a site with a list of elixir resources where I search by name or tags. Before you say anything, I know Elixir Planet and Awesome Elixir exists, but it’s not exactly what I want. For example, I want to deploy a phoenix application, I can select “phoenix” and “deploy” tags and it will show me all the blogs or gist, or videos that talked about it. I currently maintain one at blogger, but I have to actively go and collect links and tag them. I think it would be better if I can have user submit links and tag their own links. What do you think? Anyone want to work on it with me?


Yes having users submit links would be much better. Kind of like wer’re doing here in the Elixir/Phoenix Blog Posts threads. But… What about doing that app in Phoenix? I can work with you on that, if you want.

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Nice idea @nhu like Sasha said, that is one of the main reasons we cross post stuff here - so if you search for ‘deploy’ you will get back blog posts etc that talk about it (try it).

I’ve never seen something that indexes gists though, so that could be really interesting to see :003:

@AstonJ I wasn’t planning to index gist. I thinking something more simple. It will be a good beginner project.

@sashaafm yay! :slight_smile: Yes, I was thinking a Phoenix app too. I’ll get it setup over the weekend and send out the info :slight_smile:

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I am starting an Elixir Home Automation controller project which will need to leverage client libraries for many commonly available commercial home automation devices e.g WeMo, Phillips Hue, Plex. Most of which are pretty simple and good projects for beginners getting their feet wet with Elixir and open source collaboration.

Made a post about it, and one of the client libraries here

This is a pretty big project, and will be composed many smaller projects for the component libraries.
Will require collaboration between everyone building the different pieces, also people with different skill sets & experience, such as front-end interface design to OTP architecture etc.
Would love help from the community to pull it off!