Grpc and phoenix - Mismatch mint version

Hi! I have a grpc microservice server in rust. And i want to add the grpc client in a phoenix app.
If i tried to add grpc (GitHub - elixir-grpc/grpc: An Elixir implementation of gRPC) as a deps in mix, i have an error when it tries to resolve dependencies:

“Because “the lock” specifies mint 1.5.1 and grpc >= 0.6.0 depends on mint ~> 1.4.2, the lock is incompatible with grpc >= 0.6.0.”

Does anyone know the solution to this? or just the libraries are incompatibles unless grpc updates their mint version?

grpc needs to be updated/tested against mint 1.5…

that said! - what I usually do is go look at the changelog - evaluate if there are any breaking changes…

and then in your mix.exs add/replace:

{:mint, "~> 1.5.0", override: true},

Thank you! Yes, i was thinking that… I did it and it’s working for now.