Grpc elixir to python with websocket

hey i want to use elixir grpc to communicate with python with cowboy websocket and the api which is written in python wants bring data in elixir.

can i do it?
if yes, then how?
please tell me

Can you please explain a bit better what you want to do?
I understood that you want to use grpc. Where do python and websockets fit in this?

suppose i created api in python and now i want to use that api in elixir with grpc elixir but i also want 2 way communication because whenever i update something in python automaticall elixir will also update

now i hope you understand

A bit better hopefully. So:

  1. You have a GRPC Python server
  2. You talk to this server using an elixir grpc client
  3. You want the server to be able to push updates to the elixir client

1 and 2 should be quite straightforward. For 3, you have a lot of options:

  • A message broker like RabbitMQ or AWS SQS
  • Another API, which the python server uses to call the elixir client (which would become a server in this case) to push updates
  • A websocket as you said
  • A pub/sub mechanism, like the ones offfered by Redis or Postgres

There are more options I’m sure

thank you

For the third point in the list posted by trisolaran there may be another option that use a long-lived request with streamed response.

The Python API may expose a “subscribe” call with streamed response. When an event occur it streams/send back a new response item.

This solution require keepalive pings to keep connection alive and some error handling code (i.e. in the server you need to force unsubscribe for disconnected clients).

See Long-lived channels and asynchronous calls