GRPC testing - output verbosity

Does anyone have any tips for testing Grpc servers in Elixir. I have the server implemented and connecting to it using the generated Stub. This all works fine. However, each time Grpc connection is lost, it spews error into console. I was going to test each request separately, creating a new connection each time. Each time client disconnects, it logs this unfriendly message. This would pollute the console with these errors…not nice.

22:35:08.030 [error] Ranch listener "ISCloud.Endpoint" had connection process started with :cowboy_clear:start_link/4 at #PID<0.832.0> exit with reason: {:undef, [{:cow_http2_machine, :set_last_streamid, [{:http2_machine, :server, %{env: %{dispatch: [{:_, [], [{:_, [], GRPC.Adapter.Cowboy.Handler, {ISCloud.Endpoint, %{"ISCloud.Cloud" => ISCloud.Server},.....
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