GSoC 2017: Call for mentors

Hi guys,

The Google Summer of Code 2017 is coming up and it would be nice if Elixir could join the next year.

Historically, various Erlang projects have been participating in the GSoC under the BEAM community umbrella organisation. However, Elixir projects have been missing the last two years, basically, since José got too busy with other stuff :slight_smile:

Anyhow, I was the org admin for the BEAM community this year and it would be really nice to have more Elixir projects. So with this post I’m calling out for maintainers of Elixir projects / libraries, who want to become a GSoC mentor. Maybe there are already ideas for student projects.



I was just about to post a similar question in the BEAM community google group. I think this is a great idea as it opens up the ecosystem for those who want to attend, but may not be very familiar with GSoC.

With the broad scope of the BEAM community and the vastly different projects attending GSoC, it seems like there’s no Elixir projects open for GSoC 2017.

Just a list of Elixir projects open for GSoC proposals would help out a lot.

Robin :smiley:


GSoC is a wonderful program, we (as a community) should support it vigorously.
Fortunately our record is not that bad. There were no Elixir projects this year, but last year there were two, including mine.

There is still quite a lot of time for the 2017 edition - the submissions for organisations start in January.

If anybody has some questions about the project I’m happy to answer.